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Journeyman III

Realm of the Mad God

I have the Rx 7900xt GPU.

If i play Rotmg and Youtube videos (in chrome) at the same time my game starts fps  droping alot, but if i fullscreen it, its stops fps droping.


(sry for my english)

[I know the gpu is to powerfull for this game]

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Adept III

It's possible that playing a YouTube video in Chrome is causing your GPU to work harder, which could be causing the fps drops in your game. This is because the GPU has to handle both the game and the video playback simultaneously, which can be quite demanding.

By full-screening the game, you may be reducing the load on the GPU by reducing the size of the window and freeing up resources for the game to run more smoothly.

You could try a few things to improve your gaming experience while also watching videos:

  1. Try using a different browser for video playback, such as Firefox or Edge, to see if this helps.

  2. Try playing the video in a separate window from your game, and move the video window to a separate monitor if you have one, to reduce the strain on your GPU.

  3. Lower the game graphics settings to reduce the load on your GPU, while still maintaining a playable frame rate.

  4. Close any other applications or programs that may be running in the background and using up system resources, to free up more resources for your game.

I hope these suggestions help improve your gaming experience.



1. i tried firefox didnt help at all. (Edge i will never use it)

2.i have 3 monitor's and is alway a the 2end monitor the 3 is for dc and ts3 (not alway using it when gaming).

3. the game is on min graphics there are no furter option to change it even lower (Monitor is 4k the game runs at 1920x1080 because 4k does not work in this game).

4. cpu and gpu max load are 10 to 40 playing videos and the game.

Note: Not all games have this problem hogwrts legacy runs fine with the browser (chromand firefox).