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Journeyman III

Re:AMD R5 340X loses HD resolution settings after BIOS chip swap...

Hello AMD forum members,
i have recently run into a problem with my AMD R5 gpu resolution settings,and am wondering if anyone can help me out with this gpu resolution problem ; before i swapped out my Biostar MB BIOS chip i was able to get 1900 horizonal "P"(1300 vertical "P"??) resolution settings for my R5 340X GPU,but after the "Biostar" BIOS chip swap i am only able to get 1600 horizontal "P"(1200 V "P"???) basically i would like to know if the reduced resoltuion settings is AMD software related,BIOS chip firmware related or none of the aforementioned??

FWiW,i can probably live with the current resolution setting~~1600 X 1200 "P"(maxium setting allowed in AMD Radeon software!)...but would like to know where my 1900 X 1300(?) settings wentt after replacing my Biostar BIOS chip!!??!!

Thanks in advance for any/all replies to this AMD custom resolution issue!!

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