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Journeyman III

Random stuttering while playing heavy games.

Around late august my pc started stuttering every 10-15 intervals.

First it lags a bit and then freezes for 4-5 seconds and goes back to normal again. After 10-15 minutes it repeats the same thing.

And it happens in games like R6 siege, Pubg, Sea of thieves, i don't play any other games but i assume the same thing would happen.


First the games would crash and say something like driver timeout, then i saw somewhere online that if i disable multiplane overlay it would fix it but now the drives timeout thing doesn't happen but rather what i mentioned in the beginning(the random freezing and lag) .

I tried reinstalling my drivers but that did not help, i tried older drivers but that also did nothing.


My specs are:


Rx 570x

I5 9400f

16gb ram

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