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Adept I

Random black screen when watching videos

Once again back into some random problems with drivers, i guess AMD never changes for better in this department.

When using the 22.11.2 driver, on a msi rx5700, watching videos in any web browser, there is always a random occasion, where the screen will go full black, i can still ear the sound, but the screen remains black.

Restarting the driver with WIN+CRTL+SHIFT+B usually fixes the problem, but it will eventually happen again during the day, until i can't no longer fix with the driver restart, and end up having to reboot the pc.

I also notice that the previous driver 22.5 something, didn't have this problem, so it must be something related with the latest recommend WHQL (2023-02-16).

I do install every new update with a clean install using DDU.

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