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Journeyman III

Radeon wattman setting have been restored due to an unexpected system failure

Cpu: I9 9900k       Mobo: MSI Gaming Plus MPG Z390     23 gigs of gskill ram and a 750 watt power supply. Last but not least my gpu is an Asus rx 580

So my gpu has been crashing or what i assume crashing for some time now.Ill be playing a game and my monitors go black and lose signal from the gpu and the only thing i can do is hold the power button on my pc till it shuts off. Ive never over clocked this gpu and its not overheating to cause the crash. Ive noticed that if i raise the power limit it delays the crash but doesnt prevent it. Ive updated my driver numerous times. Ive even gone as far as to reinstalling windows to no avail. im currently going to go back and try older drivers. Ive change my boot mode. Messed with all my power settings that im aware of. Ive replaced the pcie cable and used a different slot on my power supply. Ive seen people have similer issues over the years with the exact same error code before the black screen. im not sure what else to try after old drivers. It crashes on pretty much every game besides league of legends which is weird too cuz everytime i tab out of leage and tab back in i have to toggle the verticle sink option in game or i only get 15 fps. idk if thats related but theres that lol. if anybody solves my issue ill pay u lol

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Journeyman III

the problem doesnt seem to happen in windowed mode

Adept I

In my opinion.

Iv removed the Control program, but they don't seem to give the Driver only.

Look down on your bar, in the corner, My prog would restart another instance of the program and kill itself, black the screen for a 1-2 sec, Even while on desktop. I'm trying to find the Driver only, Screw the rest.

And if it fails again, I will send it back to ASUS, as they SEEM to be doing better building Nvidia boards, and NOT THERE OWN.