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Journeyman III

Radeon Software on Catalina: how to choose the best gaming profiles?

Given the new 2019 Macbook Pros start having some "average" discrete GPUs, such as the Radeon 5300M, how can I know the best settings - under Catalina - for a specific game? (no bootcamp please)

When will the Radeon software be released for Catalina?

I'd like knowing the best settings for XCOM 2 WOTC, for instance, and I'd prefer having precise "best" settings rather than using "auto" or trying to change everything parameter by parameter...

Many thanks in advance

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All drivers either for OSX or Bootcamp are released and supported by Apple, not AMD. You would likely be best to ask someone in a Mac forum.

There are not many users here with Macs and I do hope you get the answers you want. I use macs too and find these to be some good forums for mac users:

Official Apple Support Community 

Forums - CNET