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Journeyman III

Radeon software keeps uninstalling after a few days, and all that is left is radeon settings


I have a problem where radeon settings seems to restore itself a few days after installing radeon software. The screen turns off and on just as when you install it. The stock driver on my pc was radeon software, so I don't understand.  Also this time I can't access radeon settings, I get "QT5......dll errors". It hasn't happened to me before.

I have a HP 14" laptop with a ryzen 3500u and a vega 8. I have 8 gigs of ram, and I always reinstall radeon software from the official website, and install the stable versions. 

Sorry for the lack of detail, I don't know what is going on with this. But I'll be sure to say some more detail you may need.

Thanks a lot.

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can you link to the HP site with your particular machine specs etc


Hi and thanks for the response,

I'm sorry, I couldn't find my exact pc on the hp website, sorry if it was obvious and I just didn't see it.

Here is a page with the exact name:

HP 14-dk0045nf Argent - Ryzen 5, SSD 512 Go : les meilleurs prix par LaptopSpirit 

Thanks again


I suggest reset the machine to factory, use the HP support assistant to find updates


Try this basic method to remove your current HP AMD driver and install the same HP AMD Driver again and see if the error is fixed:

Uninstall the current AMD Driver using DDU as per this method:

It could be due to a corrupted AMD Driver installation.

Download free program DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). Run it in Safe mode with the internet disconnected.

You can also run it in Windows Desktop but then you would need to Reboot the computer for DDU to finish erasing all of  the AMD Driver traces from your computer.

 Once it finishes uninstalling the current AMD Driver in Safe mode and boots back to Windows Desktop, still with the Internet disconnected, delete the AMD Installation folder C:\AMD if it was created before.

Now install the full AMD Drive package you downloaded manually from AMD Download page. Not the express package. Run the package and if it installs correctly again delete C:\AMD folder and reconnect the internet.

This should prevent any conflict when installing the new version from the previous version.

By the way, C:\AMD is always created whenever you run the AMD Driver package

Read a possible reason for your .dll error is due to an incorrect installation or removal of AMD Driver.


For now, this seems to work. I will come back here if I ever have issues with this driver. Thanks a lot!


are saying the HP AMD Driver installed correctly without anymore errors in your laptop using the basic method I mentioned?

If so, great. At least you have your laptop working again.


There are no problems anymore, this method worked very well. 

Journeyman III

Really sorry to be back on this thread...

A few minutes ago, the amd drivers uninstalled themselves entirely: no radeon settings and no trace of it anywhere. The good side is that there are no dll problems. Does someone know if there is a fix for this problem?

Thanks in advance


try 20.8.1 and see if it works any better


Thanks for your reply,

I installed the 20.8.1 version as you suggested. A day later, it uninstalled itself once again. However this time I suspect the hp update thing to be the cause. Right after the driver uninstalled itself I was asked to reboot to finish the instalation of an update. And 5 mins after radeon software (or what's left of it) had the error message on the screenshot below. Does anyone think the hp updater can be the problem?

Capture d’écran (51).png


If it is doing crap like that, maybe it's time to reset windows


I am so having the same issues too. After I've received a notification on a new Radeon software update I went to the driver client to update it. Then the Radeon software window popped up and it was telling me that I was uninstalling it when I had clicked onto the 'update' tab


Hi, im new here. But i had the same problem, what i found that work is disable the windows update.

Same problem here