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Radeon software is using your microphone

I've just noticed a notification in the tray to say "Radeon software is using your microphone". This is the first time it's appeared and I'm not doing anything that *should* be triggering it. I never stream and I've got "Record Microphone" disabled in the Record & Stream settings. I've also got Hotkeys disabled so it's not like I could have accidentally started recording.

I get it that it should appear when I'm tinkering with the Record & Stream settings. But I wasn't doing that. Normally it would appear if you are in the Record & Stream tab then go away. This time it was active without me doing anything in settings at all.

It has stopped using it now, but I'm concerned it was randomly using it in the first place.

edit: Why hasn't AMD written their software so that it respects Microsoft's privacy settings? I should be able to deny access to the microphone if I want to but it's not written that way.

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Not really sure what you talking about there. I obviously checked the Radeon settings. I even mentioned that in my original post I'd turned off the "Record Microphone" option. There are no permissions in the Radeon settings (at least that I can find) that completely deny access to the microphone.

And because of how the settings app is written it doesn't appear in Microsoft's privacy settings so you can't use that to disable. Unless you disable access to the microphone for ALL desktop apps. If I do that I can't use Discord, or steam voice.

All of which doesn't address the core issue either, the Radeon Software was using the mic randomly without my input.


I know what You're are talking about and it is Not ok.
Try this:


I think that's a different issue. The mic indicator in that youtube vid is showing that you're recording. I wasn't seeing that.

I'm talking about the Windows system notifications tray. It has an icon that indicates that the microphone is being used by the Radeon Software. And that was showing without good reason. I wasn't recording, or streaming, or tinkering with the streaming settings (all of which are legit reasons for the mic to be in use by the Radeon software). The Radeon Software was literally minimized to the system tray but the mic was flagged as in use.