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Journeyman III

Radeon Software FAIL TOTAL


Does someone has the same issues with the stupid Software..

I receive non stop error message "windows has restarted your gpu driver due to a problem" crash my game (League of Legends)

every 2 minutes it crash crash crash and i will brake this retarded VIDEO CARD from AMD and will never buy again AMD...

Stupid adrenaline software is crashing restarting always...Settings are default Freesync is disable everything most common standart settings . nothing special is enabled...and keep crashing crashing....

Any ideas how to solve or to return it in shop and never more buy amd stupidness..?


OS: Win10 latest update

Video card: rx 5700 xt nitro +

z390 master motherboard

Intel 9700k CPU

850W BeQuiet PSU

Kingston Predator 2x8GB DDR4 4000Mhz

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