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Radeon settings wont Load/Open !!

So i've this issue for awhile now.. maybe im to stupid to find anything.. i tried DDU on my GPU and nothing worked. i uninstalled and installed the software multiples times without success. The Icon is shown in my bottom right minibar for a few seconds wont open and dissappears. And when i start it from the Desktop icon it just shows it loads for a few seconds and then nothing happens.   ive Downloaded always the newsest Version. 

My speccs are:
Prozessor : i5-6500
GPU : Radeon rx 470   (AMD)
RAM : 16gb
MB : Gigabyte Z170-HD3P

DESKTOP : 1920x1080  5ms    /

Windows 10 64bit 

PSU: be quiet - Straight Power E10-CM 500W ATX 2.4 (BN234)

On this screen u can see the Icon. It disappears when i hover over it.

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