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Radeon Settings: Host Service using insane amounts of RAM

System Specs

  • Windows 10 19043 21H1
  • Radeon Software Version 21.6.1 (this issue first occurred on a previous driver though)
  • Ryzen 2700 (3.9GHz All core, 1.225v 1.2vSOC)
  • Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3000MHz CL15 (3400MHZ CL16)
  • MSI B450 Carbon
  • Sapphire VEGA64 Nitro+ (1632MHzP7, 1050MHz HBM, 1.025v)
  • EVGA 1000w G2 

Radeon Settings: Host Service (NOT Host Application) will continue to use more and more RAM the longer I play games for. I believe this is due to me using ReLive Instant Replay, but the problem stems from the fact that I am using DISK STORAGE as the replay buffer, not SYSTEM MEMORY. I use 20mb/s video, 320kb/s audio, and 180sec video duration with HEVC which results in a 450mb file size.


A few weeks ago I switched the replay buffer to System Memory, just to see if it was any worse or better than using Disk Storage, but I quickly noticed the insane RAM usage and switched back. Even after switching back to disk storage, the Host Service will continue to grow in size. After a while it will saturate all 16gb of RAM and render the PC a stuttering mess until I kill the process in Task Manager. Turning off Instant Replay does nothing. Similarly, switching the Replay Buffer back and forth from disk to RAM also does nothing. Its as if it got stuck on System Memory.

Suprisingly, this issue has persisted even after UNINSTALLING Radeon drivers. I really dont know how issues like this can carry over, but its actually not the first time this has happened. I once turned on HBCC memory on my Vega 64, and after turning it off, it would reset itself and turn on even after reinstalling drivers to try and fix it. This took a fair few uninstalls and reinstalls (using Display Driver Uninstaller) to resolve itself.


I've had my Vega 64 since the end of 2018(?) and this is the first time this issue has cropped up. Figured I'd report it and see if anyone else has had this issue persist like this. I'm aware that people have been able to resolve it by turning off Instant Replay/Switching Replay buffers, but it hasn't for me for whatever reason.

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Still happening on 21.9.1 Optional. ReLive has been completely unusable for me for a considerable amount of time now.

Now upgraded to Win11 on the lastest drivers and STILL, the issue is here. STILL cant use Instant Replay without Host Service eventually consuming all of my RAM. It's been MONTHS and I've tried everything I can possibly do to resolve it.

Well thats amd for you. At least you can use the hevc codec. If I use that and play some heavy games like metro exodus ee, the amd driver just crashes.


lol i forgot i posted this. 

havent had this issue crop up at all for a very long time. back on win10 now, couldnt stand 11 for very long.
relive does not eat my ram anymore, i can safely leave instant replay on indefinitely without worry.
dont know what caused it to happen for so long, nor what eventually fixed it.

What settings do you use now for instant replay, especially which codec? I seem to cant use instant replay with hevc codec without any crash.


HEVC, 20mb/s, 180s Instant Replay. Host Service never goes above a couple hundred MB in task manager even if I leave Instant Replay on for the entire day.

Although there is another bug that stops me from having Instant Replay on. I dont know if this holds true for all cards, but on Vega, having IR on causes the card to stay at its max P-state whenever IR is "triggered" (if that makes sense). So if you were to have Record Desktop on with IR active, the card will be at max clocks 100% of the time. With Record Desktop off, the card will be at max clocks only when a game is on. This behaviour causes higher than normal power consumption - luckily my card is heavily undervolted so its not that big a deal, but at stock voltage its a pretty severe difference.

I don't know how you are able to use hevc. For me, while using hevc and playing any heavy game like metro exodus enhanced edition completely crashes the driver. Haven't found any solution to this yet. 


seems like an rx 6000 thing to me. had my card since 2018 an never had HEVC cause issues


@RafExinatehello, try pro drivers with same use scenario

after few hours with 6000 bitrate 600s


after saving, the file on disk is about 484mb


Apparently the cache that runs beyond the set time is never directly deleted, it is apparently kept scarce 4gb in ram

in my case, the ram should not be stored more than about 500mb, because 6000 bitrate x 600s (10min)


a cache, for example from firefox, is emptied when watching the stream after a fairly short time so that several gb are not created

I just tried the pro driver 22.Q2. Really had me building up some hope there. Unfortunately, it also acted the same. Crashed.


@RafExinateI get crashes sometimes. I used MPC-BE with embedded codecs and lavfilters. Both codec setup to direct11 mode. Tested with 6600XT and 6500XT. With Pro drivers it worked stable in my case. Every time when I do drivers re-installation used DDU.


nvm nothing changed. i am very sorry. 


@RafExinate  Did you reported this behavior to AMD?

AMD Bug Report Tool 



Yes, I did report it with that tool. I am new. Does anything suppose to happen when I did that?


@RafExinate I waited for fix ~2 months after reporting.  It can be faster or slower if it is not critical.

Journeyman III

Found this useful for my PC. Now i get to multitask better and even have more chrome pages loading without my computer lagging every now and then.

Journeyman III

I don't know if this may help someone but had the same issue my RAM was running at 62% utilization, whilst PC was idle. Went into "recording and streaming" and noticed that the desktop recording option was on. Turned it off and RAM usage went down to 12%