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Adept I

Radeon RX 5700 XT and drivers bugs

1. There are still glitches with snow/ground in RDR2 for drivers 19.11.1-19.11.3, 19.12.1. With 19.9.2 is fine.

2. 19.9.2,19.11.1-19.11.3, 19.12.1 - Battlefield V  is loaded endlessly if DirectX 12 selected

3. 19.12.1 - Save dialog hangs in all browsers (Opera, FireFox, Chrome) when downloading any file, for example AMD Radeon Driver.

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Adept II

I am on Vega, and I did not have issues with the ground on 19.11.1, however, I DO have issues on Vega with the PRO 2019Q4 Driver set, so theres definitely something funky going on here.

Journeyman III

Problems with the grounds (snow/mud) in RDR2 and, if I try to run the game on DX12, I get a transparent bar with black dots at the bottom of the screen, if having water effects in this area, got colorful sprinkles (I saw more 5700xt users in forums complaining about this bar in DX12), but in Vulkan this bar don't appers, just holes at the grounds (snow/mud).

Adept I

In new 19.12.2 drivers:

- still problems with snow in rdr2, plus periodical hangs

- black screen after exiting from Star Wars Battlefront 2

- fan speed rpm always at 0 when not in game even though in settings 10% at 30°C and 15% at 50°C are set. And now I have 53°C and 0% rpm at desktop 


"nice" drivers (


Theres a setting for this but I cant remember where. AMD has this thing where they actually turn the fans off until the gpu hits a target temp. Its separate to the fan curve.

It was called Zero RPM and was a default feature in the drivers after the crimson release iirc. I cant find the setting in the new UI