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radeon relive ingame replay how to close picture in picture

Hi i was using relive about 1year+ and using instant replay feature too much. Sometimes i need to save my screen like 30 sec sometimes need 5min.But i cant close picture in picture feature there is no option about that and i hate that i just want to save my screen for 30 sec and watch later but when i capture last 30 sec with in game replay picture in picture video pop up and i cant even drag/close it i need to wait 30 sec to close please help me.

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Have you tried disabling "ingame replay" option while enabling "instant replay" alone?

The point is not about disable.Im using both.Im using instant replay 5 min and the other one is 30 sec.Sometimes i need to use 5min replay option sometimes 30 sec.I was using both of them before i delete my windows and there is no problem like this how can i solve this

I guess in your case when you want to use "In-game Replay" only as a shorter version of "Instant replay" without viewing the content, you have to activate "Save In-game Replay" hotkey twice (second time when the replay window appears) - it should close the replay window while still be saving the replay video on your drive.


Oh yes it worked when i press twice the picture in picture pop up is closed but is there a way to close it permanently? without pressing twice to the shortcut key?Screenshot_19.pngScreenshot_20.png 

Edit: I think i find a temporary solution with resizing 0x0 instant replay video but the cpu usage is a kind a problem i tried to delete the source extension in amd file but after deleting this replay shortcuts didnt work 



Unfortunately I can't suggest more optimal solution than pressing the hotkey twice in this case.

Good luck!


thanks alot <3