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Adept I

Radeon Relive functionality keeps disappearing along with other things

After a few bootups the Radeon Relive functionality keeps disappearing from the software , also other things. It's completely gone. If i reinstall the software, they come back again but after a few days they disappear again. I have seen the same issue mentioned in a Reddit thread also.  I have attatched 2 screen shots of the "System" page,Before ReinstallBefore ReinstallAfter ReinstallAfter Reinstall one is before reinstallation and the other is after so you can see the difference.


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Adept I

Bump. I'm having the same issue and i've tried reinstalling it many times with little to no success

Reinstalled yesterday and on todays bootup. Its happened again.

Adept I

Same here, although it only happened after I reset the game stats for testing purposes.  It may be that the uninstall doesn't remove ALL the Radeon parameters - in the past I've used Revo Unistaller and found literally dozens of left over files which appear to affect the reinstall.

I'll try it again, with Revo, and see what happens.


This sounds like the windows update issue, do a search around these forums.

If you don't have windows updates turned off for your drivers windows will force an update for them without you even knowing it a lot of times and it will either cause things to disappear like that or just give you a flat error saying radeon software/driver is out of date.

Its not pausing the updates or stopping anything else, just the driver level ones. You need to do that first, then ddu uninstall drivers and then install the latest ones and will be fixed