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Radeon Instant Replay - Voice Chat Volume Level Adjustments?

I'm wondering if there are any tips for balancing audio levels in video files recorded using the Radeon Instant Replay feature.  

I often record 1-2 minute clips during exciting gameplay moments and share with friends.  We play many crossplay titles, and have found Xbox Live party chat is the easiest way for everybody to get in a voice chat party. 

However, the volume of the other members in my chat are very low.  I've been able to turn up MY voice volume using the microphone slider in the Radeon -> General settings, but the volume of other people in the chat still remains almost too low to hear. 

I've been able to somewhat help this by simply using the Windows Volume Mixer and attempting to balance the game's volume level in the overall system mix.  Yet, what Radeon records still sounds drastically different than what I hear.  I've got the mix set so that the Xbox Live voice chat is very high when I play - almost too high - but the instant replay that gets saved re-balances everything. 

Am I missing something?  Anybody have tips for how to balance this out?  Should I use something else to record instant replays?

System:  Ryzen 5800X, Radeon 6800, 32GB RAM.  Radeon version 21.2.3.  

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