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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Radeon Error Message

Already called Asus tech support they really sux bigtime!! My RMA replacement has the same exact issue so I know & I'm convinced it's not the card now.
Just installed a new GPU Asus Radeon XT6900XT-T16 card and Installed (tried) several different Radeon Driver Versions for windows 7 from their site & on AMD's site as well. they are: newest one Adrenalin 2020-22.6.1, Adrenalin 2020-21-5.2, Adrenalin-21.3.1, Adrenalin-20.12.1
One of the main problem is that the brightness on the monitor screen that goes darker & darker when opening up more then one window and closing them it will become brighter again. and also its gets to bright that it makes the black text look so faded. Most likely its the drivers issues for that.
Another problem is that I can't open the control panel or able to use it when clicking on the icon for the Radeon software.
This is a screen shot of the Error message-
Would this mean that I have to find (research) one of those KB update files for the Windows 7 that I don't have possible now installed or need to get?Radeon Software Screenshot picture2.jpg

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