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Journeyman III

Radeon Chill Fails in Eve Online

current card: 5700 XT


radeon chill is VERY unreliable. in most games it sometimes works and sometimes it just does not.

its most annoying in eve online, where i do not need very high fps, but i usually run two instances on two monitors.

in this game, chill does not seem to work at all - or rather, it works for a few seconds after the game starts, then it stops working.

it is very very very annoying, as it means the difference between a near silent system and a very loud system for me in a game where i usually do not even use sound (so i wont use my headphones...)

i have seen this with my previous card a radeon 580 too, but with this card it usually at least it workes most of the times after turning the feature off and on again.

since i upgraded my graphics card, it stoped working all together.

maybe its the new driver too, the interface changed after all.

current driver version is 20.1.3. os: windows 10 1909

my problems with this feature are as old as the feature, but now its broken to the point of unusable for me.

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