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Journeyman III

Radeon 7900xtx resetting whole computer when trying to game

Hello, I need some assistance, I just recently built a new computer with a ryzen 9 7950x cpu and a radeon 7900xtx, but it seems to just crash all my games. Even if the game isnt that intensive. It also just crashes my whole computer, restarts and boots it back up. I have never had this issue until now. Ive seen people say that it is most likely temps, But My gpu temps stay in the 40's barely breaks 80 when under load. I was wondering if anyone found a fix for this. I have an evga Supernova 1000gt power supply, and an nzxt z73 aio for my cpu. 32gb of 6000mhz ram. So its not like my system is outdated or not built to handle the card. I do have the latest drivers too, before anyone asks that.


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Adept II

How did you determine it is the GPU? Did you try another GPU or has this been the only GPU in the system? Is your memory EXPO or XMP profiled? Have you tried to run it without EXPO/XMP enabled?

You can download BlueScreenView to analyze any BSODs and pin point where the crashed are happening. In terms of game crashing, are you seeing AMD driver timeout?