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Journeyman III

R7 350 Update can not be verified.

The problem is caused by a diver or the internet?

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The problem is caused by lack of information about your computer setup. Please follow the required information for posting at AMD Forum: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .

Also give as accurate details about the problem you are having. including any Error messages or BSOD etc.


problem update

Community Manager

The previous poster very CLEARLY provided a link to let you know what information you should include in your post when you're looking for help here.

Please take the time to refer to the Terms & Conditions for the use of this forum before making your post.


I just want to know R7 350 Is there update issue?

Why do I need to tell other information that is not a video card?

Contact My internet provider does not care that the problem

If it's no problem I will have to answer my internet service provider. The problem is not from AMD Saver.


If you tell us your computer specs - Current version of Windows, Make & Model of GPU, CPU/APU, Motherboard, PSU and Current AMD driver installed. I could input the information for you from AMD Support (Download Drivers ) and make a copy here at the Forum for you to download the latest driver for your system.

If you have no idea, download a simple FREE program called SPECCY. It will tell you all the information that we need to help you.


Why i must tell computer specs?

I just want to know if the update is having a problem? I would have to tell the internet service provider.

RAM Cpu Brand Computer Effect on update?


If you don't know what the specifications of your computer or what equipment it has installed, take it to a professional and pay him to fix/answer your question.


Most people don't have problems with connecting to AMD website (Server). Others do, like you. If I knew your computer Information I can make a copy of the AMD Website that has your driver and you can directly download from the post.

Otherwise, follow Kingfish advice or wait to see if the AMD server error goes away in time.

Community Manager

To answer your question and since you refuse to follow the Forum Terms of Use, no  we don't have any issues with our servers.