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Adept I

"default radeon wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure" keeps appearing while i am playing black ops 3 zombies, i've tried anything that any post says but it keeps appearing i do not know why, anyone can help me?

Graphic Card: RX 580 4gb 

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 

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Which drivers are you using?

I've tried the last two ones which are 19.5.2 and 19.6.3 and i also tried  19.1.1 but everyone keeps doing the same error.

Every time i changed the drive update i used the Amd Cleanup Utility before install the "new" one.


RX 580's are know to have power ceiling issues. As in it is set to low due to the AMD drivers being made for reference models and most if not all RX 580s sold at this point are custom with higher voltage and clocks.

Unless this is isolated to just this game and I don't know as I don't have this game to test I would suggest you raise your Power Limit to 50 This is very safe and within spec to do and adds a ton of stability to those cards. Also often needed on these are a custom fan and temp curve to help stability and limit thermal throttling. This condition can also cause hangs.

I will include my settings for Wattman in a pic below. Only follow my fan and temp curve and power limit settings. My voltage, memory and GPU settings may not be applicable to your card. Once you are stable you can try and see if you can squeeze more performance out of your card in those settings too, if you choose.

Thank you, i will try and i give you a response, can you tell me which update you are using by the way?


Personally I went back to 19.5.1. Not been very happy with the latest drivers. 

Community Manager

Is the game crashing?


The game freezes and the audio keeps normal, and after a while the screen turn all black and then i get the notification, the thing is that it just happens in that game i do not know why...

Journeyman III

Did this fix work? I get the same error message regardless of the game I play. I actually don't even have to play anything, I get this message a couple minutes after I power on the computer and it crashes any applications I have running.


Unfortunately not yet, i could not find a solution, there is many people who fixed but i have tried all the tutorials and it is just keep crashing only in this game...