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Journeyman III

Problems with fans on the new driver

Hello. Sorry for my english. This is not my native language, I use google for translation.

I am the owner of the RX570. The driver always began to keep relevant. But once I noticed on the new version 20.1.3whql that the fans stopped gaining momentum under load and the card began to overheat and could fail. But I did not change anything in the driver settings, but the problem was repeated on several versions of 20.x.x.

After reading various forums, I saw that many had such a problem. What causes it for sure no one can say. Inclined to a bug in the driver.

Usually advised to install an older driver, but what to put the opinions are different
Perhaps you will advise what to do or which driver to install? Now I have installed 19.9.2

I do not need the support of all new technologies. I just want to not be afraid to run the game without an RPM monitor.

I recommend the best driver for the RX570, where I can play safely so as not to damage the graphics card. Thanks!

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