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Journeyman III

Problema de compatibilidade com as atualizações do windows - Número do artigo PA-300

Boa noite, preciso urgentemente que arrumem o problema de compatibilidade com as atualizações do windows!!!!! cada vez que atualiza os drivers pelo WINDOWS UPTADE, o app da amd para de funcionar e aparece o numero de artigo PA300... já li o artigo de vocês e como resposta tenho: o Windows não permite atualizações personalizadas!!!! portanto ou atualiza tudo ou não atualizada nada! 

Já li e entendi a causa (, e se o driver foi fornecido pela "mobile all in one", FORNEÇAM O DRIVER CORRETO E ATUALIZADO NO LUGAR DELES PARA A MICROSOFT ou resolvam de outra forma, já que o notebook veio com sistema AMD, façam a conversação e não deixem na mão do cliente para resolver... compramos e pagamos caro esperando que funcione corretamente!

nota mental: deveria ter ficado com a velha e boa INTEL...


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This is a user to user English language only Support Forum.

Google translator helps sometimes...


Windows Update Compatibility Issue - Article Number PA-300
Good evening, I urgently need to fix the compatibility problem with Windows updates!!!!! every time you update the drivers through WINDOWS UPTADE, the amd app stops working and the article number PA300 appears... I've read your article and as an answer I have: Windows does not allow custom updates!!!! so either update everything or not update anything!

I already read and understood the cause (, and if the driver was provided by "mobile all in one", PLEASE PROVIDE THE CORRECT AND UPDATED DRIVER IN THEIR PLACE TO MICROSOFT or solve it in another way, since the notebook came with an AMD system, do the conversation and don't leave it up to the customer to solve it... we buy and pay dearly hoping it works correctly!

mental note: should have stuck with good old INTEL...

Journeyman III

I'm having the same trouble, asking AMD on Twitter for help who send me here e...guess what, no solution but there's a guy complaining "I don't know how to use a translator" BTW tks Spicy for helping! . Sooo.....have we a solution for this or not guys and gals?? Should I format the computer? Tks!


Not to bash anyone but @Earnhardt is right.

There are several people here skilled enough and willing to help without hesitation. But this is not a Service Desk, we do not get a pay check. This is something we do because we enjoy helping others. 

However, we are not going to do an extra mile just because you think its easy and you think it needs to be done by us. Like pasting it on a translator. 

If you follow the path of your last post then people will not even reply. Demands don't work well when asking for help. Hey but thats me.

There is a saying... 

"Não se apanham moscas com vinagre."

The Englishman
Journeyman III

Olá, você conseguiu solucionar?

Não achei nada por aqui e estou com o mesmo problema!