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Adept II

Problem with msi afterburner on radeon 22.5.2

Hi, with the lastet radeon 22.5.2 the fan control in msi afterburner does not work, the version of msi afterburner is the lastet (4.6.4), please solve this, the fan control in de radeon panel is very bad.

In radeon 22.5.1 the fan control in msi afterburner works fine.

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Adept I

this is also happening to me

to complement the gpu z is also not working well and even going back to 22 5 1 nor the msi afterbanner and gpu z working properly

and i agree with him the msi afterburnner let the fan stay at 0% deferent to adrenalin

Journeyman III

Same here



It isn't AMD you guys need to complain about it is MSI Support.  They are the ones that need to fix MSI Afterburner to be compatible with the latest AMD Driver and not vice versa.

I doubt that AMD is going to fix their driver for just one 3rd party program unless what is happening to MSI Afterburner is also affecting other programs or games.

EDIT: In the past MSI Afterburner or any other 3rd party apps that affects AMD GPU cards were discouraged because at that time those types of apps were in conflict with AMD Driver and settings and Wattman.

But it seems like now those types of apps have been made more compatible with AMD driver and programs by the OEM manufacturers.


I don't use MSI Afterburner for setting the FAN speed, although I do use it to monitor my FAN Speed and temperature while gaming.

So please whomever is responsible between AMD or MSI for this, please improve on this issue.

P.S. I am a MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G user.


Yeh, I can understand that.  I wasn't aware that anyone still used Afterburner.  Do you have an MSI motherboard?  If not there is where most of your problems are coming from.  It's called coding for a specific chipset.  

Now if you are running an MSI board, download MSI Center and use it and get rid of Afterburner and let it RIP.

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