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problem with laptop ryzen 2200u

Recently  internet do not work (wifi and cable) after windows updates. I did reinstall windows and that did fix problem but after next windows update internet did stop to work again so I did reinstall windows again and disabled updates but I cant keep them off for ever.

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Sounds like you need to update your Laptop's Network drivers to the latest to see if that fixes your issue.

Have you gone to your Laptop Support site to update your Laptop's CHIPSET, BIOS, and Network Drivers?  They may have newer versions then the ones you have now installed.

Your laptop probably comes with an App to automatically update all your laptop drivers and possibly BIOS version.

Microsoft does have a Troubleshooting APP called Show/Hide Updates. You can download it from here:

You can use the above Microsoft tool to prevent or allow any specific Windows Updates from installing.

EDIT: From your Laptop Support Driver Download page you can automatically update all your drivers at the same time. Plus you can also update the laptop's BIOS if you have a older version installed.

Maybe some updates are stuck. Anyway, do as that previous guy said and install drivers from manufacturers site.

Also you have not said much about your computer:




HDD/SSD andhow much free space:

Operating system:

Updates installed:

List of software/antivirus running:

CPU and GPU temps:

CPU, memory, GPU: Usage in %: