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Journeyman III

Problem with drivers rx 580

Hello. I bought Rx 580 msi armor from my hands with a valid  warranty (2-3 months left out of 36). I checked her performance in benchmarks and games, and in all the results she showed herself well, everything showed were normal.
But, I noticed that in idle time its frequencies, power, temperature jump cyclically every 30-50 seconds to the maximum. I don't know why. Driver version 23.7.1. But, I decided to install the driver for 21 years, and everything became normal. Why is that? Why is there such a problem with the new drivers? I installed 3 versions of drivers for 23 and 22 year version, and they all had the problem of cyclically raising the frequencies in simple mode. And for 21 years everything is fine

What to do and how to fix? And is it critical? There are no jumps in games and everything is fine.

Processor: e3 1245 with new thermal paste in turbo boost.
Motherboard: p8h67
2xSSD 256
RAM: 4+4, 2+2 (12GB), 1333
I have attached screenshots of the charts.GMPlkcJbz8U.jpgE8OhffsOTZs.jpgASh_Iq-apxg.jpg

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