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Adept II

Problem with AMD HDMI Audio in driver 19.5.2

Good afternoon, I have a problem for days and I can not solve it, let's face it.

Since last month I was having problems with the HDMI audio driver 19.4.1 with my dear R7 260x (rest in peace), I was not able to opt for the hdmi audio to watch on my TV, well, I recently bought a Red Dragon RX 570, and the same problem continues, but persists with the new driver as well (19.5.2). I did everything, tried to uninstall it clean and nothing, but then I realized something, when I do the driver, the audio option is disabled, but then I activate and continue the installation, but when the installation finishes, restart the system and open the AMD manager and go under the System >> Software tab, simply says that the driver AMD Audio is not available.

(below the images referring to the problem)



Well, I do not know how to solve this, I do not know if it's because of the AMD drivers ... so if anyone had this problem, and decided, I'd like a solution.


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Adept I

Exactly the same thing happens to me, there is no HDMI audio of the RX570, took the words out of my mouth, I tried everything and I can not solve this problem. All drivers are up to date.

My system:

A320M F32 Bios - Gigabyte

R5 2400G


RX570 Gigabyte

Journeyman III

I just recently installed the new drivers.  While the HDMI audio is available, I'm having an issue were it will drop from the system and then windows will switch to the onboard realtek analog audio device.  The only workaround I have came up with was to disable the realtek device and it will stay on the HDMI device.  However, if I'm in the sound settings control panel, old one not the Windows 10 settings, I can see the HDMI device periodically disappear and reappear for milliseconds. I think this driver is bad.

Asus B450i

R5 2400G (Using the on-chip graphics and onboard HDMI out).