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Adept I

Powercolor GPU shows as ASUS after updating to 24.1.1

So, After updating to 24.1.1 I have found that my PowerColor 5700xt now shows in the driver and on GPU-Z as "ASUS Radeon 5700XT". I have never had an issue like this before and wondered if anyone else has experienced anything like this before.

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Journeyman III

Exact same thing for me had me very confused, doesn’t seem to cause any issues though.

No issues caused but just a bit strange. AMD at it again with the drivers

Adept I

That is weird i wonder why it is doing that.

Journeyman III

I thought someone made a fool out of me and sold me an RX5700 flashed to RX5700XT. I've checked everything but it works just like 5700XT RedDevil should and has all the same specs as 5700XT. Had me worried for a few days. I tried downloading a VBIOS for 5700XT RedDevil from TechPowerUp but every time it says Error with VBIOS image. Guess it's acting out due to this new driver AMD has released.