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Journeyman III

Please Help. My computer wont start anymore

I wanted protection on my main PC, so I installed a secondary hard drive and set it as a backup in RAIDXpert. This computer was/is running windows 8.1 and I decided that I would take the secondary drive and put Windows 10 on it. I deleted the backup and there was no problem, The disk showed up as unused. I accidentally set it as a JBOD with the C: drive. I then went into the low level utility because I didnt see an option to undo the JBOD, and I deleted the second disk. Now the computer wont start because the JBOD thinks a drive failed. If I go into the bios and tell it to boot using UEFI then it tries to boot, but then blue screens and goes into recovery. I tried the repair tools there and they don't help. I want to avoid recovering/reinstalling windows if I can help it. The weird thing is if I put the hard drive into another computer, it boots up fine. Proof: I wrote this post in windows 8 from that drive. Any help is appreciated. This computer has 9 someodd years of work on it and I dont want to backup and reinstall if it works.

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