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Adept I

*Please HELP* Is it possible to restore previous Raid?

Hello and please help me, first of all I am not a native English speaker so there might be a mistake.

I have thread ripper 2990wx, and installed three m.2, 1 for system and other 2 for configured raid 0. OS: Win10 pro 64bit.

Recently my system crashed of some boot file corrupted. So, I need to install OS from fresh, but I have very important files on Raid 0, 6 months of work.  I've tried to fix boot files using terminal bcdboot etc..., but I can't repair it. 

I don't have deeper knowledge about raid and system restore. What I know is this is software-controlled raid. So, I prevent lost amd raid driver of software controller I didn't reinstall new windows OS on my previous system disc. I just plugged new ssd and installed Win10 there. Now I can access old windows and program files, but old Raid 0 disk disappeared.  Also, I didn't touch for raid configured disks.

So, question is can I restore old raid configuration from old windows disk somehow? I am guessing installing new driver for not helpful. So don't know.
What should I do? It is very urgent.


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Adept I

I solved it myself. Installing drivers.


Not too many Users seems to use RAID that much here at AMD Forums. Most use STOREMI instead.

But If after installing the RAID drivers and you find out your data is still corrupted or lost Then you probably will need to hire a Professional Data Recovery company or use Professional Data Recovery software to recover your lost data.

That is what I read if RAID 0 happens to fail or get corrupted.

This old previous MS Forum thread (2014) about restoring RAID 0 after System reinstall:

IT might still be applicable today.



Thank you for answering, but I solved my issue, completely recovered it.

Glad to hear.