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Journeyman III

Performance Overlay and Recording not working (anymore)


recently i discovered that the instant recording via Hotkeys is not working anymore with my RX6800.

During failure investigation, i noticed that as well the ALT+R overlay in games is not opening anymore and as well performance stat overlay not.
With performance stats it is quite strange...they appear on the desktop, but once a game starts it disappears (Tested with Hunt:Showdown, Jagged Alliance 3, Cities:Skylines...).


I allready have removed the actual driver (with DDU in Safe Mode) and installed two previous driver versions, but still that issue is there. In addition, i see that Discord Overlay stopped working as well.


Is there any option in AMD Adrenaline which i need to check? Or can it be related to any Windows option?


Please help, i really like the instant recording feature...

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