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Journeyman III

PC stuttering after updating to last two Radeon Software drivers

Ever since updating to last two optional drivers, the current and one before, i started having issues on two computers running a Ryzen 5 2600x and Ryzen 7 2700x, 16gb ram 3200mhz on both, Radeon RX 580 on both. Even when idling, or watching youtube or doing literally anything, both computers started having stuttering randomly to a point where for the first few days R7 2700x system was nearly unusable since it would stutter every couple of seconds while the R5 2600x system worked fine for about a week before it started getting stutters.

I tried reinstalling windows, clearing CMOS, reinstalling drivers with and without DDU and the issue persists. 

I noticed that the issue happens the most when watching youtube or playing music on spotify, it rarely happens when running games. 

I noticed that the stutters dont happen if i boot either pc in safe mode so i believe that its probably a driver issue.

R7 2700x system runs windows 10 and has a Gigabyte x570 gaming x motherboard while the R5 2600x system runs windows 11 beta and has an Asus prime b450 a motherboard, both updated to recent bios versions so i hardly believe its a windows/motherboard issue since stutters dont happen in safe mode and motherboards are different chipsets/brands.

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