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Adept I

Pc freeze desktop

i have new pc with clean windows install and drivers,2 times froze so i could only hard restart it,first time when i was adding game to adrenalin profile and second time after exiting some game on steam,before this drivers that never happend,also it started after installing this new drivers,month before that it never froze.Anyone else have this problem? Strange thing is that never froze in game,only on desktop.

My pc is ati 5700xt msi  evoke

amd ryzen 3700x

16gb ddr4 3200-oc to 3600mhz

ssd 500gb and hard drive 2tb

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Journeyman III

just download below 19.12.1 drivers. new version of driver has a serious issues.


ciaossu‌ i installed 19.12.1 are they okey or should i go even older?