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(Partially Solved)RX 580 (Win 8.1 Pro Desktop) Switched from NVIDIA to AMD, but can’t get Catalyst Control Center to work.

CPU - Intel i5-3570k

Graphics Card - Radeon RX 580

Windows 8.1 Pro

I switched from an NVIDIA graphics card to the Radeon RX 580. I had some trouble initially getting the card to recognize after switching but got it working after using Driver Easy and a few restarts for the driver changes to take effect. The card works fine and shows up as Radeon RX 580 series in device manager and I'm able to change my screen resolution, using the Screen Resolution option when right clicking on the desktop, to take advantage of my 144 hz monitor. So I could just leave everything be and it all works fine and dandy, but I would like to utilize AMD's Catalyst Control Center.

I've uninstalled all of the NVIDIA programs that show up in my uninstall programs area and restarted the computer. Then I went through my C: drive and deleted all of the NVIDIA Corporation folders. I had to stop the Nvidia Streamer Services background process before being able to delete all of the folders though and restarted the computer.

Then I downloaded AMD’s Radeon Adrenaline 2019 (19.6.2 first then 19.6.3, same results for both) and ran it, but it says "No eligible components to install." after running the express install. When I do the custom install option it shows Radeon Software is not installed under Current Software and No eligible components are found to install for the hardware.

Then I downloaded the Catalyst Control Center version 08.00.0916 (C:AMD/WHQL-Win8.1-Win7-Catalyst-15.7.1-Oct30) and ran it. It runs through everything and ends with “Thank you for instaling AMD Catalyst. To stay up to date…” and I click finish and restart but nothing changes. When I right click on my desktop there is no Catalyst Control Center option, just the Screen Resolution one for adjusting my monitor.

I’m hoping someone can help me out with this issue. Thanks for any help.

Edit: Went into Device Manager and enabled the "Show hidden devices" in the view tab. Then I went through and deleted my old graphics card driver and all of the remaining NVIDIA drivers and restarted my computer. Catalyst Control Center still does not show up when right clicking on the desktop, however, it does now show up when I go into Screen Resolution then Advanced Settings as a tab in that window where I can launch the Catalyst Control Center. So fixed, but weird?

1 Solution

The RX 580 is not supported under Windows 8.1. You must upgrade to Windows 10 to have support for that and any future AMD graphics card.

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The RX 580 is not supported under Windows 8.1. You must upgrade to Windows 10 to have support for that and any future AMD graphics card.

Then maybe I stumbled upon a Win 8.1 workaround? Not sure though.RX 580.PNG


No, you're just lucky Windows 8.1 is able to use Windows 7 drivers in a way that won't cause it to use MIcrosoft Basic Display Adapter, but you're not going to get support for your card on that OS, you need to upgrade to Windows 10.