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Journeyman III

ONLY WHEN FREESYNC IS ON brightness flashing/flickering

AOC AG322QC4 Manufactured June 12, 2019

Fresh Windows 20H1

RX580 Special Edition / 11265-21-20G

Radeon Drivers latest 20.5.1

DisplayPort cable Club 3D CAC-2068

tried different cables/ports on monitor/gpu also tried different monitor settings/reset

ONLY WHEN FREESYNC IS ON there is brightness flashing in games mostly on loading screens and main menu precisely Battlefield 1,4,V in BF 4 in server browser when i move my mouse over server list flashing starts sometimes it happens when i just stand still in game ( other games to )

i read a lot about this freesync flashing many posts about it on the net people say it is happening on many different monitors/gpu/pc and drivers

but most of these posts are at least year old is there any solution to this ?

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Adept II

I have pretty much same monitor AG322QCX.

I used to have flickering, but it disappeared long time ago after updating driver.

I also limit fps to 120 with RTSS so mb that helps u.

Also variable refresh setting is on for windows 10.

Installing monitor "driver" might help.

This monitor also has slow pixel response time for dark colors so that might be it sometimes.


I also noticed it will flicker more when fps is lower. U can test it by manually limiting fps to like 60 etc.