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Journeyman III

noise suppression not working

amd noise suppression not working Screenshot_8.jpgScreenshot_9.jpgScreenshot_10.jpg

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Adept II

At least you get the "amd streaming audio" on the devices list. In my case it's not even appearing neither in discord nor in steam nor in telegram. Simply doesn't exist. 








The feature is confusing at best (and to a point, feels misleading). Which is unfortunate: it had loads of potential. It does not remove your background noise from yourself, turning your cheap headset into a GPU-powered noise cancellation beast. From the Noise Suppression announcement blog post:

AMD Noise Suppression reduces background audio noise from your surrounding environment, providing greater clarity and improved concentration whether you are focused on an important meeting or staying locked-in on a competitive game. By using a real-time, deep learning algorithm to reduce background audio noise, this new feature works for both your input and output devices across any AMD-powered system, removing unwanted background noise captured on your microphone or from someone else’s device.

What it actually does is as follows. With an Input device selected, it filters noise from this mic while you are talking to someone else, and as such, the other side won't hear much more than your voice. Worth for streamers, content creators or for you to be clearer to others you are talking with. With an Output device selected, it filters what it deems noise before the audio reach these speakers. Overall useless, unless you are using this feature while communicating with someone that is sitting at an airport/cafe/really busy location, and you care less about any other concurrent sounds created on your end (more below).

With both input and output devices selected, you will still hear all your environmental noises (no noise cancellation there). However, if you are watching a video or you are playing a game, sounds coming out of your speaker will be modified to remove what the AI considers "noise", and that becomes a pretty terrible experience since video or game sounds are all treated the same way as someone else's environment.

And there you have it. AMD Noise Suppression feature in non-marketing terms.

Oh, and in order for the virtual input/output devices to show up on other Windows applications (such as Steam and Discord), you have to have the feature fully configured on Adrenalin Software before launching the application (or you need to restart the application), otherwise the virtual devices will not be available for selection.

My noise cancellation is not activated, when I select to activate it, it stays charging, I don't know why it worked before without any problem, is there a solution?Capture.PNG

Reinstall the drivers using "factory reset" mode.

Journeyman III

i have the same trouble!

PC specs: Win 10, gpu RX6700XT, driver ver. 22.7.1, mic Blue Snowball Ice (USB).

Noise Suppression enabled, noise suppression device - mic (Blue Snowball), OS device - AMD Streaming Audio Device, Discord device - AMD Streaming Audio Device. Result - "Discord isn't detecting any input from your mic". Screenshot with settings below.

noise suppres error.jpg



Select AMD as mic or it will not work

Not applicable

Well if you buy a realtek chip or bluetooth chip or onboard sound card mainboard or a different tiers of phone models its maybe a different MODEL NUMBER like QC51550 or something for phone qualcomm chip or ALC1220 for realtek. as they go up in model numbers more of the AMD background noise filtering, clear voice, sound retriever, normalizer or microphone sensitivity and SNR enhancement and adaptive bitrate or whatever features will be available. To toggle them on you type in simple commands in a textfile called config.ini but if its windows you should probably create some registry expandable string keys maybe in hkeycurrentuser with the word as the name of the key. 

EVERY MOBILE PHONE or other device with noise suppression and cancellation are based on the same technology and drivers to engage largely almost entirely from AMD. when you buy a phone and its got clear call or voice enhancement or some other form of such things, for example purchasing a realtek audio chip or a qualcomm snapdragon. The snapdragon and the realtek are the same audio chips as in the ancient AMD graphics cards old as they get and consoles. Like how the ps2's dev kit and ray tracing ray marching and ray casting was used for augmented reality and beauty filters in modern phones with face swaps and light matching/colour matching of 3d software realtime drawn into a photo or video like dog face instagram filters or cat ears or vtubers supporting LIGHTSHAFTS/GODRAYS and other commands also used in the 90's amd chip and tech based voodoo3dfx cards nvidia forcibly acquired only to not own any of the technology as it was like buying up gigabyte or asus to acquire AMD technology it didnt work out well for them. Well similarly the different audio chips use the same classic 70's AMD and realtek chip and dolby audio features which are all maybe licenced code from the same person or lab and were copied or reproduced can be toggled on via simple word commands if the DRIVERS are installed for the hardware. This is why windows is called windows, every app has a window into the hardware via the drivers and each function or driver or DLL spans the entire operating system. not just blue screen error codes.

by the way discord is a poor example of showing off AMD tech, as yes though discord advertises they use discarded obsolete military security comms and voice transmission high efficiency codec which maybe means they acquired AMD tech from 20-50 years ago i guess? well basically thats a discord software feature and isnt the AMD GPU or CPU or soundcard which the whole OS and anything in it could use so its app specific. So its pointless to use as an example also the xonar do have good sound quality but arent as customizable as the older creative ones was it called i forgot STX or LIVE or something? as you could custom modify the creative drivers and realtek ones together as its all the same tech underneath and underlying and tweak the values of all aspects of sound to create a very high quality audio home studio of audiophile quality and settings. control over sinusoidal soundwaves vs triangle or common effects and filters and maybe loading impulse response files was possible or something similar but the xonar was designed less compatible with the universal standards and if it is original tech its great news but also very lacking as its missing everything you expect. 

Journeyman III

Hi, I'm having the same issue, and thought I'd just bump up this topic rather than make a new post. I've enabled Noise Suppression on my RX 6800 XT, selected my microphone to go through it, but no audio comes out even if when I select AMD Streaming Audio Device on the other end. I've tried multiple different microphones (including different VR headsets, USB/bluetooth/3.5mm microphones) and different software environments to no avail.

One of the major reasons keeping me from using Radeon on my main machine was a lack of an RTX Voice alternative, so I was so excited for this. I play multiplayer/social VR games a lot, and it really helps when you can have blast an AC/fan at your face and not have to worry about your friends hearing the wind noise. I really hope this gets sorted out, since I really want to get out of the NVIDIA stranglehold and use a Radeon for my next GPU.

Journeyman III

Not working in discord still.

Journeyman III

After i changed my microphone's name in English, it works.

thank you, it helps me!

Thanks! This works.

AMD should definitely test their software properly. This basically breaks on every CJK users on the earth.
Default microphone name on a Traditional Chinese windows installtion is '麥克風', no wonder it did not work my computer nor my friend's.

By the way, the sound quality sounds ok to me, except that it didn't do echo cancellation. So human sound from speaker still loopbacks sometimes.