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Journeyman III

NO hdmi Input after a day or a few hours

I have a RX 6900 XT with a R9 5900x 32 gb ram 3600 hz, b550 aorus elite ax. All the games are running great and everything is fine but after a few hours or a day when i boot up the pc again or in the middle of doing nothing with the pc, the screen goes black, and i get a message from my monitor saying NO HDMI INPUT, i hold the power button on the pc for 4 sec force closing it. I swap the hdmi port on the monitor from 1 to 2, wait for a few seconds then turn the pc back on. When i turn the pc back on the AMD software is no longer working, i get the message "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware.". IF i don't hard reset the pc with the 4 second power button, my screen will not open and i will not get any input. I have tried messing with the BIOS settings, reinstalled the windows, changed the HDMI cable. I am saving money to buy a new monitor but this problem shouldn't exist. Thank you and sorry for the long post.    

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