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Journeyman III

No Audio in AMD ReLive Clips: AMD Adrenalin/Elgato Wavelink

I'm currently running AMD Adrenalin version 24.5.1 and Elgato's Wavelink version 1.10 which to my knowledge are the latest versions at this time. Utilizing the Wave Link software I have my audio routed to different channels; Wavelink Game, Wavelink SFX, Wavelink System, etc. My current issue is that ReLive is not recording any game audio whatsoever. I've searched the internet for solutions and I've tried everything I could find from changing Audio Channels (switch between stereo and automatic) within AMD Record & Stream-> Settings tab, to changing the default output in Windows settings itself. I've even gone as far as to disable certain Playback Devices as I saw some users' ReLive was listening to audio being routed to the monitor speakers and not the headphones that are plugged in.


Just to note I've tried clean installs (Display Driver Uninstaller), switching to older versions, and other run of the mill troubleshooting advice. The only instance where I was able to get sound in a recorded clip was after quitting out of Wavelink and disconnecting the microphone. Oh right, disconnecting the microphone is important as the audio channels that are generated within the wavelink software are not 100% dependent on the software. Once they've been added to Windows the microphone ensures that the system will maintain the channels even if the software is closed.


Is there any possible way to have wave link open/mic connected and get audio in clips? Has anyone else run into this issue and if so how did you resolve it?

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Journeyman III

Just a follow-up. I did end up resolving the issue and was able to get game sounds in the Re-Live replay while having the WaveLink software and Microphone connected. Going to post a response with a solution in case anyone else runs into a similar issue.


The way I resolved it was within Windows Settings: System > Sound > Volume mixer

Apparently the default Output device does not have any influence on what Re-Live will pick up if you have software routing audio to different channels. The main setting that needs to be adjusted is actually the Radeon Settings: Host Service. You'll want to left click on Radeon Settings: Host Service and change the Output device for it to whatever you have your audio channel your game audio is being routed to. In my case I have all audio for my games routed to Wave Link Game (Elgato Wave:3).

Like so:


This solution in theory should work for any software that produces several audio output devices like Wave Link or the Steel Series Sonar