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Journeyman III

New Ryzen 7 2700X power no boot

I just upgraded my entire pc, but I'm having trouble getting it to boot.  I took some pics of my rig so if I'm just missing something a kind soul can point it out.  

When I turn it on the fans spin, everything sounds like its running but I'm getting no display.  Ive even bought a new motherboard and case to rule that out and still the same problem.  Heres my specs.



CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Motherboard: ROG Strix B450-F Gaming

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX

RAM: DDR4 8G Power X

Storage: Sandisk SSD and WD Blue HDD





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Journeyman III

Re: New Ryzen 7 2700X power no boot

Ive even tried it with the old parts I had working previously and it is doing the same thing.  Is it possible the power is the problem?


Re: New Ryzen 7 2700X power no boot

Does your Desktop BEEP when it when you power up?

If not see if you can attach a PC Speaker and see what BEEPING Sequence it indicates. This will narrow down the hardware that is having problems in booting up.

Also you didn't post the exact Part Number of your Xpower RAM MEMORY.

Went to the RAM Manufacturer's Support site (Silicon Power) and inputted Asus B450-E since it doesn't show "F" model in the
"Compatibility RAM Chart" and these are the two RAM Memory modules as be compatible:

Screenshot 2021-01-18 152102.png

Screenshot 2021-01-18 152338.png

Since you are using a RAM Manufacturer that isn't common, The Asus QVL list for 2xxx Processor probably doesn't list your RAM :

Screenshot 2021-01-18 152647.png

If you attach a PC Speaker and the BEEP Sequence indicate RAM issue then you will know that you have incompatible RAM installed.