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Journeyman III

new idea

Hi AMD group;
Hi have some new ideas I want to share them.1- please make new motherboards and other devices that do not need a wire it is massive problem inside the case remove them and make everything like a slider (like a drawer slider) (new motherboard design )
2- make transistor sensors and other things a little bit larger it's easier for repairing.
3-if any part is broken on the board ie able us to find it easy by the (LED lamp ) next to important parts if they do not work or break the
LED shows that or special device finds it (problem finder)
4- a bord by Anti-static electricity technology or a special part on the motherboard and easily we replace it by hand no soldering if we had an electrical connection.
5-better cooling system me maybe it needs new material (Nano surface)to remove the thermal grace by time.

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