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New driver 20 does Not work

These last drivers are Not good... But the latest (20.1.2) can Not run old Directx games !

Anotação 2020-01-16 174805.png Carmageddon Windows version

Anotação 2020-01-16 175313.png

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Big Boss

Re: New driver 20 does Not work

machine specs would be a good first step

Adept I

Re: New driver 20 does Not work

I had problems with it too.  For the first time on this card I started getting crashes and lock-up/screen freezes. Yes my card is old and on its last legs, but, I play the same games. I've gone back to a previous revision and all is fine again. I have a R9 380 and the new drivers are broken for me.. One of the crashes it even claimed my CPU was over heating. I didn't make it through one session without a crash either (roughly 10 times in a row) Also, can we get an option not to install the software. It offers lots of functions I don't need. In fact, I use baseline anyway and never open the software. I get the feeling that's using resources I don't need, or, want.

Journeyman III

Re: New driver 20 does Not work

Same i cant play BFV or BF4... BFV Crashes, and BF4 send me to desktop with a DirectX pop-up "Getdeviceremovedreason failed"


5700x Nitro +

MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC 

750w Gold PSU 

Everything up to date

Driver: 19.12.2 - 19.12.3 - 20.1.1 - 20.1.2 (not working) // 19.12.1 (working)

Sold my Sapphire RX Vega 64 for 5700xt Nitro+ was looking for stability... Should of looked at Nvidia... got burned twice with AMD GPU.


Re: New driver 20 does Not work

AMD engineers may not be able to play because the driver is horrible for older directx games


Re: New driver 20 does Not work

In all reality you will likely be best to never update that driver again. They have not made any optimizations for that card in a long while now. What I am saying is that likely the only potential is for things to get worse not better. You never HAVE to upgrade any driver unless it fixes a known issue, adds a feature you want or is an OS requirement. As they say if it isn't broken don't fix it.