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Journeyman III

new computer: driver timeout with every game, even in AMD Adrenaline stresstest. No overclocking

Dear experts,

I have a new computer and have the problem that no game runs. Everything else is fine but the AMD driver (24.2.1) has a driver timeout failure after a few seconds. Also the stresstest in AMD adrenaline crashes after a few seconds with a driver timeout. I am running the computer and the graphics card with standard options, so no overclocking is done. The graphics card is an Asrock steel legend with AMD 7900 GRE and 16 GB. All programs that do not access the AMD driver run stable. FurMark GL graphics card test (using OpenGL) is stable and found no problems with the graphics card while FurMark VK graphics card test (using Vulkan APIs) causes a driver timeout failure after a few seconds. Microsoft DXdiag shows no problems. Reinstalling the AMD driver and AMD adrenaline software has already taken place. The function to reorganize shader space has been activated several times. The motherboard is a MSI X690E Ace equipped with 64 GB RAM, CPU is also from AMD (Ryzen 9 7950 X3D). I use Microsoft Windows 11 64 bit. The driver timeout failures are independent from the used monitor (tested on a DELL monitor without Freesync as well as on an Iiyama monitor with Freesync) and are not dependend from the screen resolution (tested with full HD as well as 4K). The driver timeout failures can be reproduced 100 %.

Any idea ?

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Journeyman III

Hello, this is a problem with the new drivers, I have the same thing on the 5700xt Spahire nitro +, fixing the frequency at 1905 mHz like the reference card helped.


Thank you for your help ! I got from 24.2.1 to 23.12.1 now (using AMD Cleanup Utility) and this didn't solve all problems but was at least a big progress. Driver 24.2.1 does not seem to be a recommendable choice.


Hi, this may be also helpful for others: I have found the reason for the problems, which occured especially with FORTNITE while Counter Strike was running without problems. I found out, that a Microsoft service program XBOX Game Bar is starting automatically in the background when a game is started. The start of this Game Bar program in the background makes trouble with some games when you run a resolution higher than full HD. The game crashes shortly after the start of the game. A solution is to change the windows resolution to full hd, start the game and then increase the solution inside the game. A better solution is to disable game bar - Microsoft has a switch for this in the gaming menue. Finally the problem seems not to be caused by AMD and the AMD driver but by the Game bar programm which is part of Windows 11.