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Journeyman III

Need help for AMD Grahics driver

Hi Support Team,

I have HP Pavilion g6-2312ax notebook. I have been facing a serious issue with the display driver since 4-6 moths.

AMD Model: AMD A10-4600M APU with 2 gb amd Raedon HD 7660G/7670M Dual GPUgraphics

The problem details:

  1. All of a sudden system keeps restarting with blue screen error saying 'incorrect xxxxx not handled', 'memory exception error' etc .
  2. To solve this, I formatted the system with original windows 8.1 OS, but whenever going to install AMD display driver same problem happens with blue screen error.
  3. To resolve this I uninstalled AMD display driver. Now system works perfectly with below restrictions.

      * Now, brightness is not controlled as it is directly linked with AMD display driver. So brightness is always 100% which creates health issue on eye.

     * Screen can't be projected to other screen.

     * Hibernate option doesn't work

     * System lags for 720p videos

     * System doesn't support hd softwares

Please find attached screenshots and provide me solution from my whole-heart request.

Thanks in advance.

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