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Journeyman III

Need help, Bios update confusion!

This my first PC build, il tell you anything you need to know. Gigabyte X570S Aorus Elite (rev 1.0) Motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5600x Cpu. I tryed using the preinstalled gigabyte app center for updates but first driver update crashed my system( No Video Signal, No Boot to Bios & 1 Fan Stopped Working) Restored Windows10 found gpu driver was a year and ahalf out of date, also relized thru the internet Everyone uninstalls the app center for these very issues! I got i goin again to relize my Bios orobly needs updating cause im loosing almost 500pts on benchmarks and HWinfo shows low power at times to my cpu which it stated was probly due to outdated bios. Bios version im on is F3 ther is a F4 & F5 but its confusing to read and i dont wanna take a chance on that app center again but i surely dont wanna ruin my pc! Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Adept III

You can download bios's and run them through the updater inside the bios itself. Put the bios on a usb stick point the bios updater to the usb stick file location and wait a bit done. 

You can download the bios from the manufacture website under support/driver/downloads