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Journeyman III

My XFX RX 580 GTS keeps crashing on everything with new drivers (24.1.1)

This is a new pc that was built less than a week ago, since I have started using it I have been crashing on games such as Fortnite, spiderman miles Morales, etc. I discovered I was on 22.10.3 version So I went the the AMD website and did a driver clean up with the AMD tool then I installed AMD Adrenalin to update it. Ever since I have updated to 24.1.1 I have been crashing more often and sometimes it crashes when I'm just sitting on the home screen (it will flicker the screen on and off and gives me the AMD failure error). I find it odd because I keep a cool temp between 40-60, so I'm sure its not overheating. But the problem is very inconsistent. I could be playing on a game on high graphics for an hour and have no problem then other times, I can just load up the game and I will crash. Does not do it with a specific game.

 Intel Core i7-8700


ASRock B365M/OEM

32 gb ram ddr4

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