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my rx5700 can't handle 2d

Now, on the windows 10 2004 build with the 20.5.1 driver, the system has become noticeably more stable in games. But the system behaves extremely unstable and very often hangs during exploring game menus, steam client during the summer sale with a lot of 2d animations, 2d games like ori and the blind forest, etc. Today, for example, I tried to play Dirt 4 and the game works absolutely fine, but every time I linger in the menu, switching between settings, my system freezes with the sound TRRRRRRRRRRRR, after which the computer either reboots itself, or I have to do it manually. Also, I recently installed a 2d fighting game Samurai Shodown which immediately crashes my pc as soon as I switch to full screen mode. The same thing sometimes happens when switching between active windows with ALT+TAB. Or when I accidentally hit the windows key, the game minimizes to the desktop and it hangs my pc. My video card definitely has problems with hardware acceleration of 2d graphics, which crashes when several applications are running, such as browser, discord, steam or another game launcher, or when I try to switch between them.

clean installation of win10 pro 2004

20.5.1 HAGS atm, but the issue was earlier

ryzen 5 2600 at any clocks (OCCT stress ok, aida stress ok)

asus prime b350m-a with 5406 bios 

crucial ballistix 16gb ddr4 3000mhz at any clocks (memtest86 ok, tm5 ok, aida stress ok)

sapphire rx 5700 at any clocks and voltages (timespy stress ok, furmark stress ok)

700w be quiet PSU, gpu connected with 2 separate +12v rails atm (tried various combinations)

struggling since september with different kind of instability of this gpu

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