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Journeyman III

Mouse pointer disappears, keyboard malfunction

In order to solve the notebook mouse pointer failure, and the subsequent problems arising
In such as laptop startup after the first time to open the browser, or laptop pressure, or other circumstances, from time to time will occur mouse failure: the mouse pointer suddenly disappeared into thin air, a moment later appeared again, the first time, thought it was the mouse to become transparent, many times after the discovery of the mouse may be disappeared.


In order to solve this problem, in the Internet to find a script to disable mpo, after running. In the short term, the pointer does not appear to disappear for the time being, but there is no guarantee that it will work.


Other situations have arisen:

1. laptop appears to be stuck, the screen is stuck and then black, amd software : adrenalin edition A regular message appears: Due to an unexpected system failure, the default performance tuning settings have been restored.

2. chrome browser plugin box all black, using idm extension plugin, when opening web page, there will be idm plugin box, from time to time show all black, the black box is not necessarily from the current tab, it may be from other tabs, it will also show the black box in the corresponding position on the screen.

3. keyboard malfunction, individual keys will appear malfunction, before the use of 6800h will appear c key suddenly malfunction, replace a number of keyboards are out of order, but after a while there is a recovery, many times this situation is c key malfunction. The current laptop is 5600u, v and backspace keyboards are not working.



Now using laptop is HP ProBook 445 G8 notebook PC , win 11 system .

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Journeyman III


To address the issues with your laptop including mouse pointer failures, system freezes, black screens, browser plugin box problems, and keyboard malfunctions, start by updating or reinstalling mouse drivers and checking for physical mouse or touchpad issues. Resolve system freezes and black screens by updating graphics drivers and monitoring system temperatures. For browser adpvantage plugin box issues update Chrome and disable unnecessary plugins. If keyboard keys are malfunctioning, consider replacing the keyboard.