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Journeyman III

most games crash and i have to restart pc

So a month ago i built my pc. It consists of an RX 580 8gb (sapphire nitro+ if it matters), an x570 motherboard,8gb ram ,a 750w psu and my CPU which is the ryzen 3 3200g. From the first days i realized i couldnt run properly PUBG (steam) , i know its a heavy game so i ignored it and stopped playing it. For your information i had alot of fps drops ,crashes and i was playing at low settings with an average of 40 fps. (theres a benchmark vid on yt that has the same gpu cpu combination and gets 80+ fps) . Also , i would face fps drops on Battlefield 4,a 2013 game, and i didnt know why.I thought it was the drivers but i ignored it. So here comes the latest issues i faced,when COD warzone released i downloaded it only to play with 30 to 60 fps on all low and have severe crashes that made me restart my pc. My drivers updated today to 20.3.1 and from the moment i started playing the game that so far i didnt face any issues except some minor crashes very rarely,it would crash every 5 minutes. Only when playing these games i had faced these issues ( PUBG  CSGO COD warzone Battlefield 4) . So my question is , what have i done wrong, what can i do to solve this problem because it starts to piss me off the fact that i can now not play any games that i have on my pc. I would appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions for me to tell me how to fix it. For your info , i havent tried DDU uninstall the drivers and reinstall an older and probably more stable version . Thanks in advance!

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