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Journeyman III

Monitor is no longer recognized after AMD Software update


I have since the beginning of the year a xfx speedster merc 319 amd radeon rx 6900 xt black installed in my Rehner and as a 2nd monitor a Crossover 27Q LED over active (with USB power supply and Analogix ANX9830 chip) Delock adapter from DVI Dual to Displayport connected.

Since the latest update I have again the same problem as in the beginning, when I only used an adapter cable from DVI to Displayport, namely:

1. resolution is fixed at 640x480, both in Windows and in the Radeon software.

2. i can't set the resolution manually via the software under custom resolution -- >.

2.1 QHD which the monitor can actually do always gets the error message "The Custom Resolution is not compatible with the display".

2.2Full HD I can set and also confirm, but then have a black monitor.

Can someone please help me here, I'm really desperate!

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Link to Monitor (AMAZON) 

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This an English forum, so please speak English!
However, I might understand what You are saying.

You have a problem with resolution 640x480?
This is possible due the monitor firmware, which is causing this.

If Your monitor is a Gigabyte AORUS-FI27Q - then make sure it is loaded with Firmware F03
You will need a USb-cable to support the changes.

Or any other monitors, just upgrade its firmware.

Best regards from Sweden




Danke für Ihre Antwort, ich habe alle in englische Rede geändert.

Nein, ich habe einen Crossover-Monitor mit nur am DVI-D Ausgang.