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Journeyman III

Monitor buttons don't work

Hi everybody
I encountered a problem on the rx580 video card. When you turn on the PC, the BIOS logo does not appear, and the system takes about a minute to boot, the buttons on the monitor also do not work, if you pull out the monitor's power cable and insert it back, the BIOS logo immediately appears, the system boots faster and the buttons work. There are no such gaps on a video card from another company.
Help solve the problem

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Sounds like a broken monitor to me. Try a different one.

Adept III

Hi, @DinkaSugoia.

As @CaligoVereor @mentioned could be possible you have a faulty monitor.

But like detective of the books, do you have to understand where the issue is, so, you have to do some investigation.

From what you describe the issue looks like is related to the monitor, because if the GPU is faulty you should nevere saw a Post logo or other type of things, we of course said that be related to the monitor just based on what what you said "deataching the power cable and attaching it again looks like that fix the issue".

Now, I want suggest in addition to what @CaligoVereor said, to try to identify much as possible where the issue is, just doing some tests and not only trying different monitor, but try also to check the cables.

Thast because could be possible that the power cable maygenerate some unexpected behaviour like, black screen or the monitor do not recieve a propely power to works as expected so buttons do not works, etc.

So, do a few of tests like:

  • Check power cable.
  • Check video cable.
  • Try different monitor.

If you have in mind other test try it also.

Why I also suggest this? put the scenario where the issue is a power cable, and you have a warranty for the monitor, and imagine that you start an RMA when the issue is just the power cable, can you imagine how much time thats require? can you stay without a monitor for a while?.
So do some investigation and try to understand or reduce where the problem could be, if you cannot fix this so open an RMA.

If the product is out of warranty, I think the solution is to purchase another one.

Ah, just one thing, becarfuell to execute your tests remaining in the warranty policy, or you can occur in the expiration of that, related due an improper use of the product.

Kind regards,