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Journeyman III

Minecraft crash on new GPU

Since I upgraded from a 1650 to a 7800XT, I've been having issues with Minecraft (all other games I play are fine), as soon as I do something such as increasing my render distance past 16 or using worldedit to change 5M+ blocks it crashes, sometimes with error code 1 and sometimes -1073741819, I never had these issues before I switched my GPU, and I tried every thing that people did on the internet, including reinstalling Minecraft, java, drivers and even using different launchers (Vanilla, Prism and MultiMC). After the crash, if I try to enter that world again it just instantly crashes with the same codes. This mainly affects versions older than the current one, and usually modded ones, it's very inconsistent when it comes to which versions crash.


System info: 

Intel i5 12600KF

Asus TUF Gaming Z690 Pro D4

Kingston Fury Beast 64GB 3200MHz DDR4 Cl16

Crucial P2 1TB SSD M.2

Asrock challenger 7800XT (Used to be Gigabyte 1650, the only change since the crashes)

850W PSU


One of the error logs:


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